Swirled Ice Frozen Beverages began in 1996 as a family owned business developed and managed by Dave and Debbie Krobath in Houston Texas. Swirled Ice initially started by placing Faby frozen drink machines in convenience stores, skating rinks, bowling alleys, restaurants and other establishments all around the Houston - Galveston area and wholesaling cases of Swirled Ice drink mix to those locations. Thousands of servings of Swirled Ice slushies were sold through these establishments proving that there was a tremendous market for our frozen drink mixes. The positive acceptance of this initial marketing program gave Swirled Ice a strong foundation and the ability and motivation to develop a clearer vision to capture a larger share of the frozen beverage industry.

Next Swirled Ice began renting the margarita machines or slush machines for both children’s and adult parties. These were rented for birthday parties, anniversaries, fund raising groups, family reunions, company picnics, private parties, and other special events to businesses and individuals alike. This frozen drink machine rental concept was so successful that we developed a complete business plan, composed an operations manual, and began offering this rental business opportunity to people interested in owning their own business. We started by setting up dealers all across the state of Texas. These individuals were trained and instructed on how to follow our program and start a margarita - slush machine rental business in their own area. The business opportunity of renting out slush machines and margarita machines was very well received and it began to become a popular part-time business. As all of the positive feedback started coming in from all of our existing dealers, we realized that this was indeed a great business opportunity. It proved to be a great match for the average person looking for a profitable home based business that was both fun and easy to operate. As we perfected our program and began offering it to people all across the country, initially it seemed that we worked with policemen, firemen, and young couples that needed some extra income while they built their families. Now with over 150 rental dealers we’ve noticed that this party rental business opportunity attracts people from all walks of life.

In 1998, Swirled Ice developed a frozen beverage program that introduced frozen fruit slushies to school systems as a healthy alternative to sodas. By adding vitamins and minerals to the drink mix, increasing the natural juice content, and lowering the added sugar, we developed a great tasting frozen drink that was nutritious as well. This program was well received throughout Houston and Texas and is now being implemented in many other states across the country. Placing frozen drink machines in school cafeterias where the students can purchase a healthy drink, is now a standard practice in most Texas schools. Over the years, Swirled Ice has had hundreds of frozen drink machines set up in school cafeterias. This has given us the necessary experience and opportunity to develop many great tasting recipes and flavors for our Swirled Ice drink mixes.

The Swirled Ice mix concentrates have established a wide acceptance nationwide and are being used in several countries as well. Large restaurant chains, sports arenas, bars, nightclubs, daiquiri shops, party rental companies, as well as thousands of individual’s, use our Swirled Ice frozen drink mixes. We also private label our mixes for other large users. We currently offer 50 flavors of frozen drink mixes - fruit slushies, margarita mix, daiquiri mix, other bar mixes, and smoothies. We sell our Swirled Ice mixes over the Internet through our web site and also offer them on eBay. We always keep a well stocked supply of fresh product in our fully air conditioned office warehouse facility here in Houston Texas.

Over the years we at Swirled Ice have performed extensive research in order to expand our lines of frozen drink machine equipment. We have tested and used several different margarita machines and slush machines trying to find the very best equipment available. We have chosen various machines for their superior functionality and for their use in specific applications. We have been using Faby frozen drink machine equipment since the very beginning and have always been happy with the performance and durability of this brand. We added the Bunn Ultra2 Gourmet Ice as well as the Frosty Factory and Crathco and Grindmaster machines and now keep hundreds of machines in stock available for same day shipping.  And now we are very proud to be introducing our very own exclusive new machine The Super Slusher.

We at Swirled Ice are proud to have developed such a great company offering high quality products and built on excellent customer service. You can see for yourself from our fantastic feedback ratings on eBay or by talking with any of our existing customers and rental business dealers. We are now in our 14th year of delivering unparalleled service and products. We hope that we can soon be of service to you


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For affordable frozen drink and slush machines you can rely on Swirled Ice from Houston Texas. We offer the best value in frozen beverage equipment, Margarita mix, machines, and slush machines, as well as the best tasting and largest selection of frozen drink mixes around.

If you've ever dreamed of having your own personal Margarita Machine or Slush Machine to enjoy at your home or your business, why not take a look at all of our affordable, new and pre-owned frozen drink machines. Also see our line of frozen drink machine accessories.

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